Disney Debuts 2nd VR Movie

Walt Disney Animation Studios is working on another VR movie. It’s a short animation called “A Kite’s Tale” and it’s going to debut at Siggraph on July 28th.

The story revolves around two talking kites. There’s a smaller kite and a larger kite. Despite some initial conflict, the two kites learn to overlook their differences and become good friends.

The colorful visuals feature hand-drawn animation directed by Bruce Wright. When asked about the project, Wright said

“Virtual reality has the ability to bring us into new worlds of story, and touch the hearts of the audience in never before dreamt of ways…It’s an honor to showcase our film at SIGGRAPH for the innovators and artists who are shaping the future of this medium.”

A Kite’s Tale is Disney’s second VR animation. The first was called Cycles which debuted at Siggraph in 2018. If the new movie is anything like the first, we can expect a charming adventure.

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