Oculus Founder Nate Mitchell Leaves Facebook

The last member of the original Oculus team, Nate Mitchell, left Facebook this week. Along with Palmer Lucky, and Brendan Iribe, Nate Mitchell was one of the five founders of Oculus.

Nate Mitchell was the last Oculus founder still with the Facebook. Palmer lucky was pushed out for his political views, Brendan Iribe left because he didn’t agree with the company’s direction, and Michael Antonov left in May. Now that Nate Mitchell is leaving, all the founders are officially gone. 


Oculus Founder Nate Mitchell Leaves Facebook vr blog virtual reality

Many VR enthusiasts feel that Mitchell’s departure signals the end of an era. Despite the somber circumstances, Nate Mitchell left a cheerful Reddit post expressing his gratitude to the community where he said “Thanks for Believing the Impossible.”

Oculus isn’t the only wing of Facebook where founders are leaving. Instagram and WhatsApp saw their founders leave the company last year too.

Facebook has yet to issue any official statement regarding Mitchell’s departure.

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