Man Drops 30lbs Playing Beat Saber

Geoff Bowman claims to have lost 30lbs playing Beat Saber and other VR games over a six-month period.

He stuck to a strict gaming regimen of 45 minutes a day 5 days a week. While his primary game was Beat Saber, he also played Creed and Knockout League.

The most surprising thing about Geoff’s weight loss is that he didn’t change his diet at all. In a recent interview with UploadVR, Geoff stated:

Starting on the release date, for 6 months I would stick to a routine of mostly VR cardio and make no other alterations to my life (no changes in diet, general activity level outside VR, alcohol consumption, etc.) to see what effect just pure VR would have on my body.

Man Drops 30lbs Playing Beat Saber vr blog virtual reality

For those looking to emulate his success, Geoff has some helpful advice:

Form is everything,” he said. “Beat Saber, if you play purely as a video game, isn’t really valuable exercise… it’s flipping your wrists around to the beat. Just like a weight-lifter has to commit to proper technique, you have to commit to a style of play that makes the game more physically demanding.

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