PSVR: The Next Generation

Sony may only be letting loose small pieces of information about its forthcoming follow-up to the highly successful and widely acclaimed PlayStation VR (PSVR), but more detailed information is nonetheless getting free. Tidbits leaked from a Sony developer conference and published by popular YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole are giving fans much to salivate over. And it’s all pointing to a very bright future for PSVR fans.

After revealing its next-gen PSVR controller design back in March, Sony stopped well short of revealing all that’s exciting about this latest unofficial info leak. PSVR fans are getting giddy over the promise of a significant upgrade to their favorite VR device, and with specs like these they have good reason to.

What to expect from the PSVR2

Laying in Wait

Half-Life: Alyx
Breakthrough successes like Half-Life: Alyx are putting increasing pressure on the VR gaming industry to improve and expand. [Image: Valve]

Word about Internet town says that Sony aims to leave behind the elementary VR experiences we’ve grown tired of and focus intently on “AAA-level gaming” for niche and mainstream gamers. Lining up to compete directly with Oculus Quest 2, the forthcoming PSVR2 – currently internally codenamed NGVR (Next-Gen Virtual Reality) – could cement Sony as VR’s premiere gaming hardware manufacturer.

With no official release date yet revealed, PSVR2 is nevertheless expected to land during the 2022 holiday shopping season. As VR gaming improves with every passing month, opening up new expanses of virtuality in which to play, so too will the anticipation for Sony’s next-generation contribution.