Oculus Quest 2: Bigger, Better, Back

Oculus Quest 2's foam facial covering
Quest 2’s foam facial covering, now with added silicone cover. [Image: Facebook/Oculus]
Oculus Quest 2 now has 128GB of internal memory
With its internal memory now doubled to 128GB, Oculus Quest 2 becomes a VR headset that’s even harder to beat. [Image: Facebook/Oculus]

Facebook paused sales of its best-selling Oculus Quest 2 for much of August as it addressed an issue with the headset’s removable foam facial interface irritating the skin of some users. Once the issue was successfully addressed – Quest 2 users can receive a silicone cover to protect their skin during use – the world’s leading VR corporate evangelist had something else to announce: an upgrade.

Oculus also took the opportunity to raise the specs of the entry-level Quest 2, boosting internal storage from 64GB to 128GB. With the 64GB Quest 2 being phased out and replaced with the 128GB model while keeping the same accessible $299 price, this effectively bolsters the whole Quest 2 line and paves the way for a Quest 2 Pro (or similar high-end upgrade) in the near future.

Arriving with a silicone covering for the aforementioned foam facial interface designed to address known issues, the new 128GB base model Quest 2 offers one of the strongest purchasing opportunities for anyone either jumping into virtual reality for the first time or aiming to increase their hardware power and advance their virtual experience.