VR and MMA Collide in Xtadium and Horizon Worlds

For MMA fans who just can’t get enough powerful fight action, there’s no longer a need to feel disappointed that you can’t physically attend every single bout you’d like to. Meta partnered with UFC in late 2022 to bring UFC fights to virtual reality, but November 2023 is when things will really kick off.

Fights with Impact

Xtadium immersive popular VR sport experiences
Xtadium is already providing fight fans with immersive VR experiences alongside other popular sports. [Image: Xtadium]

UFC and Meta will broadcast select fights via Horizon Worlds after a series of successful trial runs. Viewers can immerse themselves in some of the most intense martial arts bouts the sporting world has to offer, whether they opt for live viewing or a replay. YBVR, the production company preparing the broadcasts for virtual reality, is already providing Xtadium users with fight content and will soon bring fights to Horizon Worlds. Interaction between fans will also be possible, along with a native game system that allows single and multiplayer VR combat. If you’ve ever fancied fighting in a UFC championship and vying for the belt, this seems like a perfect way to do it.

UFC Fight Pass
Xtadium’s UFC Fight Pass provides top quality

UFC bouts landing in VR spaces is more evidence that entertainment and sports are simultaneously heading into the virtual. This, of course, won’t remove the very real, physical nature of most of these things. It will simply allow audiences to enjoy world class content from anywhere they may be on the globe, more dynamically and with greater immersion than ever before.