We love when we get to do a follow up on a company we’ve written about on VR Observer. Especially when it is great news.

VR Observer is very excited to announce that beginning in February Virtual Rehab will be joining The Upload Collective.

We first covered Virtual Rehab in late November followed by an interview with their CEO, Dr. Raji Wahidy in early December.

As a refresher, Virtual Rehab’s goal is to reduce the number of repeat offenses and re-incarceration rates by leveraging Virtual Reality to educate and rehabilitate. They believe every person in life deserves a second chance, including prisoners. Virtual Rehab will leverage VR to provide educational training, vocational job training, psychological and correctional rehabilitation to inmates. This will allow them to better integrate and be an effective part of the community, rather than being seen as a burden.

The Upload Collective is a hybrid coworking and incubation space dedicated to Virtual Reality companies setting out to make an impact. The Upload Collective was the next step in the evolution of UploadVR. In addition to their publication, events and conferences UploadVR wanted to bring great minds together in an incredibly creative space and provide the resources to be successful in this emerging industry.

This is an amazing opportunity for Virtual Rehab and The Upload Collective. We wish them both the best of luck!

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