Samsung and Google’s Infinite XR

When Apple finally unveiled its debut mixed reality device, Apple Vision Pro, in early June 2023, many VR/AR/MR/XR hardware developers saw it as a challenge. If Apple was aiming for market dominance and an elite user experience, what would need to be created to equal or better this for another company. Two tech giants in particular have collaborated on a device that some industry pundits are already calling a potential “Apple killer.”

Infinite to Arrive in 2024

Samsung and Google XR Headset codename Infinite
Chinese outlet VRTUOLUO leaked an image of what is allegedly the XR device Samsung and Google are collaborating on. [Image: VRTUOLUO]

Samsung and Google have teamed up to create an XR headset that will reportedly be announced in the second half of 2024 and actually start shipping in December of that same year. At Galaxy Unpacked in February 2023, Samsung announced the project was in development, but now leaks are, well, leaking and pointing to an impressive device and strong challenger in the increasingly competitive XR market.

JoongAng, a South Korean publication, has reported that the Samsung/Google device will launch with an initial run of 30,000 units. Little is known about the specs of the device yet. It is known that Samsung Electronics will provide Samsung Display with a patent license for OLED on silicon (OLEDoS) display components deemed essential to the success of the XR device. Organic light-emitting diodes attached to silicon wafer substrate differs from the typical attachment to glass substrates. This almost certainly points to a lighter headset suited to XR use. Also leaked was information pointing to the existence of four tracking cameras (clearly visible), dual RGB cameras, a depth sensor capable of full-color passthrough, and a Samsung Exynos 2200 chip.

JoongAng also cited a name for the device, although it is likely nothing more than a working codename: Infinite.

Battle for XR Dominance

Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR headsets
Neither Google Daydream (left) nor Samsung Gear VR (right) managed enough success to warrant not being discontinued. [Image: Google / Samsung]

Apple Vision Pro is set to begin shipping in early 2024, giving it a nearly 12-month lead over many direct competitors. Samsung Gear VR has been discontinued, and Google’s own VR/XR devices failed to flourish, Daydream also being discontinued, leaving both parties no doubt eager to reenter the field with a truly impressive device. With these early leaks showing a headset that resembles the compact design of Apple Vision Pro, there is sure to be significant interest in seeing how Infinite will fare.