Quest 2 Sells Millions, Makes VR Mainstream

In a mere six months, Oculus Quest 2 has outsold all previous Oculus VR headsets combined. Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Go, and the original Oculus Quest were available for a combined period of eight-and-a-half years, to put that in perspective.

Andrew Bosworth of Facebook Reality Labs speaking to Bloomberg
Andrew Bosworth of Facebook Reality Labs speaking to Bloomberg. [Image: Bloomberg]
Many are calling this news the signal they needed to confirm VR’s mainstreaming. Andrew Bosworth, VP of Facebook Reality Labs agrees, calling Quest 2’s sales “a tremendous indicator that we are now at that point where we’ve broken through from the early adopter crowd to an increasingly mainstream crowd.”

However, when it comes to overall units, Oculus Quest 2 is not yet leading the race. That position still belongs to Sony’s beloved Playstation VR with 5 million sales and counting.

A Challenger Appears

Cumulative Playstation VR Unit Sales
Cumulative Playstation VR Unit Sales [TechStory]
Although Facebook is yet to release official sales numbers for its undeniably game-changing device, data analysis and estimates place Quest 2 right alongside PS VR. Given time to catch up to PS VR’s more than four years of sales, it’s already being predicted Quest 2 will soon overtake Sony’s stalwart.

Will Oculus Quest 2 take the lead and truly become the world’s most used VR headset? Or will Sony persuade its fans, old and new, to patiently wait for the next generation of PS VR – and perhaps maintain its sales lead a little longer? Will Facebook eagerly release sales figures that trump Sony’s or keep it a mystery and insist on their dominance? Whatever the case, it’s great for VR.

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