Quest 2: 10 Million Sold

As the Oculus Quest 2 geared up for launch in October of 2020, many expected it to sell well and most likely outperform its predecessor. An estimated 10 million units later, Quest 2 is the world’s best-selling VR headset and is leading the charge towards full adoption of VR tech.

The Oculus Quest 2 vr headset was rebranded in 2021 to Meta Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2 was rebranded in 2021 to Meta Quest 2. [Image: Meta]

Now named Meta Quest 2 after Facebook’s rebranding, the device has not only sold extremely well, it’s in heavy use, too. Eclipsing the Valve Index to become SteamVR’s most used VR headset of 2021, Quest 2 is not only entertaining millions, but it’s also laying the foundations of Zuckerberg and co.’s ambitious metaverse project.

Why Quest 2?

With no shortage of VR headsets and devices on the market, Quest 2 has plenty of competition for the consumer dollar. Aside from the massive brand recognition of Oculus, what drew consumers to the device? Meta Quest 2 is simple to use, cordless, frequently updated, robust and powerful, and comes tied to a huge library of games, apps, and experiences. With instant classic Beat Saber hitting $100 million in revenue just from Quest users, it’s clear the Meta VR market has a huge reach.

Retailer's Oculus Quest 2 stock
A US big box retailer’s Oculus Quest 2 stock. [Image: Palmer Luckey]

Priced fairly affordably at $299 (for the 128GB model), Meta Quest 2 may not make it into as many Christmas stockings as candy canes or humorous socks but for the tech-minded adventurer in your life, there’s no better gift than a perfect pathway to VR bliss.