Meta Quest Pro is Coming

One of the most keenly anticipated pieces of VR hardware due to arrive in recent years is the follow-up to Meta’s massively successful Quest 2. Though not necessarily intended to supplant Quest 2 as Meta’s most accessible VR device, Quest Pro (formerly known as Project Cambria) is expected to be unveiled in just a few weeks.

Mark Zuckerberg posts that he will see you at Meta Connect on October 11th while wearing what appears to be the Meta Quest Pro
Mark Zuckerberg teases what is assumed to be Meta Quest Pro on Facebook. [Image: Facebook]

Mark Zuckerberg all but declared Quest Pro would be officially announced at Meta’s 2022 Meta Connect event on October 11, posting on Facebook date along with an image of himself wearing a partially obscured headset unlike any of those currently available.

From a Hotel Leaked

Hotel worker Ramiro Cardenas happened upon an engineering model Quest 2 while cleaning a recently vacated long-stay room and, given he was and is an avid VR user and Quest 2 owner, snapped some pics and videos to be quickly shared online. This would be the clearest look at Quest Pro yet and the only glimpse of what its packaging would most likely look like.

Hotel worker Ramiro Cardenas happened upon an engineering model Quest 2
A package found by hotel worker Ramiro Cardenas contained what appears to be a retail ready Meta Quest Pro. [Image: ZectaRuiz Gaming]

Will Quest Pro well and truly establish Meta as the vessel to the metaverse or be just another stone laid in the foundation of truly revolutionary VR/AR tech that is yet to be seen? It appears we’ll find out on October 11.