Meta Connect 2024: What to Expect

It’s official: Meta Connect 2024 is taking place September 25 – 26 in Menlo Park, California, and online, and will no doubt deliver much for those with a keen interest in VR and AR to chew on. In anticipation of the event, its numerous product showcases, development reveals, and glimpses of the future of the industry, let’s ponder the possibilities of Meta Connect 2024.

Quest 3S is Coming

Meta Quest 3S rumored headset
Meta Quest 3 is expected to get a new baby brother or sister, rumored to be called Quest 3S. [Image: Meta]

A more modestly outfitted version of the latest addition to Meta’s flagship device line has been rumored since the arrival of Quest 3. A recent leak in the app store has given excited users and pundits a name for said slimmed-down device. Meta Quest 3S is expected to be officially announced at Connect ’24. 

With Apple Vision Pro bringing increased attention to AR (or “spatial computing”), it’s highly likely that Connect ’24 will also see Meta announcing a focus on AR devices and content. One rumored device that could be made official in late September is a pair of slimline, lightweight AR glasses. Meta has, after all, enjoyed a successful partnership with Ray-Ban, producing increasingly intelligent specs for casual consumers.

Meta Ray Ban AI Glasses
Meta and Ray-Ban already have a successful collaboration. Will this continue with new advanced AI glasses? [Image: Meta]

AI in Focus

AI is seemingly on the minds of everyone even remotely connected to the myriad tech fields whether developer or consumer. Even professed luddites don’t seem capable of not talking about AI. It makes abundant sense then that Meta would have some key AI developments to share come late September. Just what those will be remains to be seen, but with Reality Labs recently celebrating its accomplishments in AI, the company seems poised to push even further into the future.