The Microsoft HoloLens 2 was revealed last month at the MWC 2019 event in Spain.

The second generation AR headset doubles the FOV of its predecessor and still manages to keep the same resolution.

Field of View

The original Hololens only had a 35° field of view. For comparison, the Oculus Rift FOV is around 110 degrees. While the Hololens 2 doesn’t quite reach the level of it’s VR counterparts, it more than makes up for it with resolution.


The new Hololens boasts a resolution of 47 pixels per degree. This far exceeds the resolution of any consumer VR headset and is sharp enough to read 8 point text on a website. To help put this in perspective, even prosumer level devices like the HTC Vive Pro only offer around 16PPD.


The headset is powered by an internal Snapdragon 850 processor. It utilizes a separate holographic processing unit to handle the sensor input.


The original Hololens had very limited hand tracking. There was some crude gesture control and that was about it. This changes with the new Hololens which now supports full hand tracking and even eye tracking (although details about the eye tracking features are still somewhat limited).


The headset is priced at $3,500 and pre-orders for the Hololens can be placed now.

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