Five VR Hot Spots in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has long been regarded one of the northern nation’s most livable cities. With spacious parks, a perfect mild climate, and plenty of cultural attractions, the South Western coastal city is also an in-demand tourist destination. And, with numerous virtual reality venues and centers, it’s also a quickly expanding VR hotspot that offers some must-try experiences for both residents and visitors.

Let’s take a look at what Vancouver has to offer VR enthusiasts and neophytes both.

1. Zero Latency

Zero Latency VR experience

Address: Kingsgate Mall, #101-370 E. Broadway, Vancouver BC, V5T 4G5, Canada

After opening in early 2020, this virtual reality studio has solidified its spot as the premiere VR experience in the Vancouver area. One of 45 Zero Latency locations worldwide, this iteration, housed in Kingsgate Mall, boasts eight epic “free-roam VR” experiences for players of varying ages. Zombie Survival, Far Cry VR, and Sol Raiders aim for late-teen and adult players while Mission Maybe and Engineerum aim a little younger. Not all experiences are your standard shooters, either, with Engineerum dropping players aged 13+ into an ancient alien world “where gravity is not what it seems.”

Zero Latency provides pro-level 4K VR headsets, performance backpacks, and custom controllers to provide a free-roaming wireless experience for up to eight players.

2. SandboxVR

Sandbox VR in Richmond BC Canada

Address: 12571 Bridgeport Rd Unit 170, Richmond BC, VCV 1J4, Canada

SandboxVR poses a strong challenge to Zero Latency for the best VR experience available in and around Vancouver. With five original games and experiences accommodating up to six people, top-of-the-line gear including haptic vests, and free video recordings of your group’s experience, SandboxVR has plenty to offer anyone keen to try out studio-based VR activities.

3. Evolve Virtual Reality

Evolve Virtual Reality Vancouver BC

Address: 411 W Broadway, Vancouver BC, V5Y 1R4, Canada

A slick operation from top to bottom, Evolve Virtual Reality offers “the best graphics” in a “safe environment” for indoor VR group fun and games. Designed more as a virtual reality lounge than a warehouse-scale studio, Evolve Virtual Reality is comprised of 10 VR stations each accommodating up to three people and allowing for up to ten players to join in a single game.

Although each Evolve Virtual Reality station provides hardware of only one person at a time (with two looking on), it’s a very social style of VR that’s easy to get into.

4. VRKade

VRKade Abbotsford BC

Address: 2-2712 Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford BC, V2T 271, Canada

Located in the Abbotsford-Aurora area just outside of Vancouver proper, VRKade brings two distinct kinds of VR opportunities to players: virtual reality gaming stations and a VR escape room. Also offering educational VR field trips and weeklong camps for students, VRKade caters to a wide range of interests and demands.

5. Breakout VR

Breakout VR Richmond BC Canada

Address: 118-12520 Horseshoe Way, Richmond BC, V7A 5K3, Canada

Specializing in providing gaming experiences for parties and events, BreakoutVR aims to ensure any get-together can be turned into a whole mess of VR fun. Getting its start in Richmond, BC before expanding to cover the entire Greater Vancouver area, BreakoutVR can bring its VR setups to schools, workplaces, and even private parties, making it a mobile VR studio adaptable to a wide range of situations. Aiming for the educational or simply a fun team building experience? Bring the VR party to you with BreakoutVR.