Carmack Departs Meta

John Carmack has stepped down from his position as consulting CTO at Meta and issued criticisms of the company’s approach to building a metaverse. Having been with Oculus since 2013 and with a huge contribution to various areas of technological development behind him, Carmack was considered an important part of Meta’s team and an industry leader.

Meta's Metaverse
John Carmack has been critical of Meta’s focus on building a metaverse and its methods of doing so. [Image: Meta]

Having stated multiple times in the past that he was not entirely confident in Meta’s designs for building a metaverse, Carmack has made it clear, however, that he believes the metaverse will arrive and that VR will contribute significantly to its success.

A Legend Moves On

Carmack with an early Oculus prototype.
Carmack with an early Oculus prototype. [Image: Oculus]

Having “wearied of the fight” with Meta, Carmack will now focus on his own startup, Keen Technologies, which aims to develop AI technologies, including Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Carmack’s powerful influence over tech developments and strong reputation in his chosen fields arose from his success as co-founder and lead programmer of id Software, which produced such acclaimed titles as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake.