1. Samsung 837 – free

Located in the Meatpacking district, Samsung 837 is a unique mix of showroom and event space. Here you can find, see and touch the latest Samsung technology, from phones to refrigerators. However, this is not a store – you can’t buy anything here, just see what Samsung has, check upcoming events and explore and try new things. Samsung 837 offers a VR roller coaster in its Virtual Reality tunnel on the first floor. On the second floor you can find Virtual Realty photo gallery when you can look at 360 pictures. In both cases you will be using Samsung Gear VR. The huge 360-degree selfie booth is an additional bonus.

2. Jump into the light – $25

We already wrote about full experience of Jump into the light in one of our articles but here are some highlights to repeat: Jump into the light is a virtual reality theater/playground. On the first floor visitors can enjoy short films via Samsung Gear VR. The second floor offers HTC Vive with Tilt Brush by Google and some games: Oculus Rift and 3D scanning of yourself.

3. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum $8 each + museum admission

The technology here is not new at all and probably doesn’t fit well into Virtual Reality like we think about it at the moment. But Intrepid still can offer something exciting and we are talking about their simulators. For example, G-force encounter allows you to experience flying a supersonic jet plane with 360 degrees of movement. You can also find 4D movies and more.

4. 1 WTC $15 + observatory ticket

One World Trade Center Observatory offers a special “Explorer iPad” which allows visitors to “scan” the Manhattan skyline and explore different buildings with augmented reality. Simply look at the skyline through the iPad, click on what interests you and get flown there to get history highlights, video content and more. In addition to that, 1 WTC Observatory makes a show out of a simple elevator ride. As you’re going up, you can see how Manhattan skyline changed through time. See video below for better understanding of what to expect.

5. GameStop – free

Every weekend, GameStop stores offer free demo trials of HTC Vive at selected stores from 11am to 7pm. The one in New York City is located at 2322 Broadway (Broadway at 85 th ). PlayStation VR demos will be available at east 86 th store (128 east 86 th street) Fridays from 5-9pm and weekends 11am-5m.

6. Best Buy – free

Oculus Rift demos are available for free at selected VR stores. Reservation required. To make a reservation, click on link below to browse stores and reserve your spot.

7. Ghostbusters: DIMENSION at Madame Tussauds New York – $50

This hyper-reality experience is probably the most interesting and mind-blowing thing we (editors of VR Observer) have tried so far. The regular ghostbusters exhibition includes ghost holograms which you can catch and officially become a Ghostbuster, mysterious subway car, boxes with ghosts inside and many other fun things. The most interesting part starts when you go to a special room, put on a vest and VR headset, take a Ghostbuster gun and go to fight ghosts. You’re not only seeing a different world through VR headset – you’re physically walking through it, using your gun and feeling when you’re being attacked.

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