Virtual Reality Conferences 2016

VR Days Europe
November 3-6, Amsterdam

November 9, Gateshead, UK

VR Now
November 16, Potsdam, Germany

VRX 2016
December 7-8, San Francisco

Virtual Reality Summit
December 14-15, San Diego

Virtual Reality Conferences 2017

Virtual Reality Evolution
February 16, London

VRDC – Virtual Reality Developers Conference
February 27-28, San Francisco

Experiential Technology Conference & Expo 2017
March 14-15, San Francisco

IEEE Virtual Reality 2017
March 18-22, Los Angeles

Laval Virtual
March 22-26, Laval, France

SVVR 2017 Conference & Expo
March 29-31, Palo Alto

VRLA Expo 2017
April 14-15, Los Angeles

CVR 2017
May 5-7, Vancouver

4th ARVR Innovate Conference
May 11, Dublin

Augmented World Expo USA
June 1-2, Santa Clara

International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation
June 19-22, Montreal

June 24-26, Toronto

Virtual reality or VR conferences may not be mainstream or common right now but as the technology gets perfected and becomes more affordable, there will be no dearth of VR events. It can also be predicted that in the not too distant future, virtual reality events will become a norm of sorts.
Let us explore the plethora of benefits of virtual reality conferences and events, which will also reason why they are becoming more popular by the day.
• VR conferences are more affordable to organize and host. The technology needs to be paid for. There will be vendors who would be leasing out the technology needed to host VR events. There are already companies that offer customized solutions. The costs of such technology and the fees charged by vendors will reduce in time and that will augur well for the concept as a whole. What should be focused on is the fact that traditional expenses can be avoided with VR conferences. Virtual reality conferences don’t require people to travel. There are no travel expenses, accommodation costs or even commuting expenses. This of course augurs well for the environment but also for the attendees and the hosts. The sheer quantum of money spent on travel and accommodation often makes some events unviable.
• Virtual reality events are more convenient to attend. Not just the costs but also the time involved. People can be at an event in no time, since there is no commute. One can attend the event or conference from practically anywhere in the world. There is no need to be at a particular place. There is no even a need to be there at a particular time. Virtual reality conferences can be streamed after the event is over. There can be recordings and footage that people can reach out for after the event. Such footage and recordings can also be archived in a virtual reality environment offering access to whoever is authorized.
• There are many other benefits. Virtual reality conferences are more affordable for guests as well. The ticket prices can be much less than what they are now. More people can be accommodated without worrying about shortage of space. In fact, virtual reality events can accommodate as many people as you want, as long as you have the bandwidth. VR conferences can be truly global. Share Virtual Reality Conferences 2016